Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My First Swap

Remember how excited I was about having signed up for my first swap the Spring Time Mug Rug Swap with Aunt Pitty Pat
The swap has been and gone but I had so much fun making my first mug rug...I didn't even know mug rugs existed until I met Nomes.
Well I think that I got the most wonderful person to swap with Betty Ann Maki, not only is she lovely she is also I very talented person.
 This is what I my swap partner me, a thread catcher,a hand made card, a beautiful mug rug and some lovely fabric :)

What I made fro this lovely lady is pictured below, I drew the flower...

I say again thank you Betty Ann Maki for making my induction into the world of swaps a pleasurable one :)

Big Hugs

1 comment:

Beeshebags said...

You already know I thought you scored with your swap gifts, and so did your partner.