Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Attempt Number One...

When I am over at Naomi's I will sometimes sit and watch in awe of the items that she makes. The items that catch my eye the most are the zippered purses and bags. Naomi never ceases to amaze me with her talent and her tenacity to just nut it out if she is having a drama with a project.

That being said she pointed me in the direction of ChrisWDesigns and the bags that she makes and sells. Well as it happens the one time I look at her blog she was giving away a free pattern and it was for her Coco bag. I thought well that one was worth having a go at and below is the result of said attempt...

Sorry about the picture quality...I have had my point and shoot camera for a while now but only now ( don't know why???) is it getting a lot of use, so I am still trying to get my head around what setting's are best for which please be patient with me as I learn how to use my camera to the best of my ability.

Until next time Happy Stitching...

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Beeshebags said...

Drama is my middle name! You did a fantastic job of Coco, I hope you've shared a pic of your version with Chris W as she'd love to see it.

Maybe find the book on your PAS camera and read it! lol

This would be so much easier to write if you weren't sitting right behind me as I type!

Well done girl xxx
The Evil One