Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aussie Heroes

I know it has been ages since I last put a post up.
I had hubby holed up at home after being bitten by a white tip spider hogging the computer (grrr) it made awfully hard to get to.

I let the wounded man have the computer as I had other fun things to do with fabric and thread.

In my absence from here I have sewed my back side off, in the brief moments that I have had access to the computer I have signed up for a couple more swaps (they should put a warning label on them...highly addictive)

I have also volunteered my services to help our Aussie Heroes by making blocks which will then be made into quilts by Jan Maree and her quilting angels at Aussie Hero Quilts which are doing an awesome job too. Jan Maree was delighted to receive them.

Below are some of the blocks that I donated, I made a total of eight

If you have some time and some spare FQ's have a go and help us and our Aussie Heroes out, I found it fun and rewarding...so I have signed up to do some more blocks this month, you can find all the info here 



Beeshebags said...

Glad to see you remembered how to put a post up lol Great blocks for AHQ hun....and congrat's on getting the new blog button up.

The Evil One next door xxxx

Sharina said...

Thanks chicky, will be doing my best to get some more up soon.