Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It's Done Now!!

Well I'm here after much twisting of my arms and sore very sore ears from Nomes I am going to put up my first post, so here it goes.......... 

You are looking at my first ever mug bag that I put together under Nomes excellent tutor-ledge it turned out rather well, I must admit that I needed some help from both of my wonderful neighbours. Nome's helped me interpret the pattern and Miss Raelene helped me by drilling out the holes in the beads so as I could thread them. 

Hugs Sharina (a.k.a Polly)

1 comment:

Beeshebags said...

Well done Polly....woo hoo, you clever girl...and those ears are only going to get chewed off even more now that I've read your profile!

Love ya
Nomes xx