Monday, 20 February 2012

I finally succumbed to Naomi's badgering!

After much procrastination by me, and a whole bunch of pushing by Nomes, she has started this blog for me!  She has assured me that I need a blog, but I think I still need a bit of convincing!

In the meantime, here's a couple of things I've made when visiting with her (which happens to be the house next door!)
 Naomi is a hard task mistress, and quite often when I pop next door, she puts me to work....these three pics are just a small sampling of some of the things I've made at her place. 
 I did a zip...yay me!  All up, this zippered pouch has 50, 25 a side, of those flap things, or owl feathers as I ended up referring to them as!
I have a gorgeous little pooch that looks just like the puppy on my old coffee mug....sadly it was chipped and not wanting it to give up the ghost altogether, I have preserved my Lucy look-a-like mug by turning it into a pincushion.

Until next time, when Naomi will have handed the reigns over to me, sew up big.

Sharina (a.k.a Polly)

P.S. This post was actually written by Naomi, but she'll get me to do future posts.

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Beeshebags said...

Who's the smartie pants for changing the blog

You go girl, you'll be able to teach me how to do stuff soon!