Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another swap completed and my sister's 40th

I participated in a Handmade Swap that was held through a facebook group called Quilt Club Australia. The object behind this one was to make your secret swap partner something that she/he would like. You were given their colour choices and their blog if they had one so you could secretly stalk them to try and work out what "something" you could make them that they could really use.

My allocated secret swap partner was Gemma Jackson and the only clues that I was given werethe colours blue and red and that she would like a pin cushion or sewing caddy. I for one was not sure what sort of sewing caddy she would like, so I then had to scour her blog at  www.prettybobbins.blogspot.com to do some research. I dithered between a hand sewing caddy and a sewing machine caddy.

I made both, below is the hand sewing caddy

I was not sure if this is what she wanted and I wasn't sure if it was good enough either??

So then I made this

I decided after much thought to send her the Sewing Machine Caddy and a Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

Moving onto the wonderful goodies I received from my secret swap partner who was not the same person I sent to

Beverly Roberts...I felt so spoilt :)

Beverly made me this awesome tote bag and she threw in a couple of pot holders (that she purchased) and a tea towel.

I have to tell you about my sister's 40th that I have been secretly organising for the last few month's. I really love my big sis, she means the world to me!!

I wanted to make her something that she could use as a memento of her big day and Nomes suggested I make her siggy block quilt/wall hanging, I immediately thought that was the idea that I was looking for. 
I knew that my sister's favourite colour was blue so for the next couple of month's I collected some more blue fabric (cos I am rather fond it also), in total I ended up with 27 different blue fabrics.
The quilt was made up of 30, 7 inch siggy blocks, the 4 corner ones my mum embroidered a beautiful tiger on them

The end result 

My sis had no knowledge that there was a party of people waiting for her to show up. When I saw her face I knew that all the blood, sweat and tears that went into organising her surprise party was well worth it.

After everyone had signed the quilt I had a couple of blanks squares left over so I have a couple small details left to do on it and one is to put a hand print of my sister's god daughter on it and get creative with the other one. I am so proud of me...pats myself on the back :)



Jan-Maree said...

That is beautiful Sharina - your sister is so lucky to have you and she will treasure her quilt!

Kristy QP said...

Oh the items you made for the swap were fantastic! Glad you received a nice parcel too!

Well done you for pulling off the big 40th party and gift for your sister. That's so lovely and thoughtful.

Beeshebags said...

Once again, great work by my bestie. Hmmmmm wonder what you'll have in mind for my 50th? lol You have 6 years to plan it :o)

The Evil One xxx