Saturday, 7 April 2012

Perseverance Pays Off...

Nomes handed me this pattern of this cute little rabbit called 'Jack the Rabbit' which can be found at               , she thought that it would make a cute little gift for my grand kiddies for Easter. 

Well I fell in love with the thought and I proceeded to make one...unbeknownst to me did I realise that it was going to be a pure labour of love. I followed the pattern but it was not looking very pretty, so at this point I was going to give up; Nomes was not going to let me drop it. So with her help and guidance,with a pinch from my loving mum I revised the pattern to make it work for me. As you can see it was worth the frustration cos he looks so cute. 

I could not give this one away as it will be constant reminder to me that Perseverance Pays Off... SO I made another two.

I now have a family of rabbits living in my sewing room at the moment.

I have also done another one of those fabric boxes, but this time I did crazy patched sides instead of strips I think that it turned al-right as well

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Beeshebags said...

Perseverance will always pay off, when it comes to craftwork anyway....I'm SOOOOO proud of you and all your latest efforts and conquests....even if some future plans involve cherries *winks* I'm sure the grandies will ADORE their bunnies.